Paperfree Construction

Construction communication being so paper-dependant is a big problem. Read on to find out why.

BIM has been around for 3+ decades but is by no means embraced by the global AEC.
There is a thin layer of participants that push the idea for various reasons (usually superficial), and there are people (in a very small minority) that practice it wholeheartedly.
And then, there is the rest.
We believe that no real progress in the overall construction industry will happen as long as we have ‘the’ paper present in and around our core processes as it keeps BIM from taking off.
We refer here to the ‘real paper’, in its physical representation, not documents that ‘look like paper documents’ but can just as well function in purely digital forms (letters, contracts, drawings etc);
For the AEC to modernise itself, (and in fact any type of BIM to succeed), it needs a critical portion of its participants to fully embrace digital information creation and management.
Why is the absence of paper so important for any type of sophisticated construction to work?

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