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If you need any type of BIM services, related to understanding, managing, creating and distributing digital based construction information, we are here to help.

The field of Digitally Based Construction Information is vast and complex.
Explained properly, BIM is a concept/approach that few can argue with. Documenting in 3D+ and using contemporary digital tools makes sense.
However, reality has not really delivered on its heralded promise and life with BIM is full of contradictions.
It looks very simple when promoted by parties with vested interest (software, services companies).
It ends up very complicated when used in practice, often for the simplest of tasks.
Similarly, while if promises to solve many age-old problems, it tends to struggle with some basic deliveries.
We’ve been practicing BIM for over 30 years and have recorded many of our thoughts on out BIMblog:
Get in touch if you have a project where BIM is a challenge, or you’d like to use BIM as the solution for other challenges you may have.

We’d like to help You make the best use of BIM technologies!

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