We are a Construction Client Servicing Company.

Our first company, Predefine Ltd (established in early 2000), was one of the first providers of Virtual Construction Services in New Zealand and beyond.

We have become to be known as BIM-wizards as we use a large range of Digital Model-based tools.

We like to be thought as digital experts with deep concern for the wellbeing of Construction Industry that use available tools and develop new ones as needs require to decode and re-image construction information for better understanding and decision making.

We work locally and globally and seek out likeminded co-operators from the Construction, Design and IT Industries, as well as smart people with maths, science and social skills.


Our Mission is to improve Construction outcomes by empowering the Client segment of the Industry with sophisticated tools and independent knowledge.

We believe that more informed Clients will improve the overall Industry and help us all build a better World.

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